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New Media Landscape: Key Insights from MIPTV 2023 Keynote

During one of the initial "Mastermind Keynotes" at MIPTV 2023, Evan Shapiro, a recipient of an Emmy, scrutinized solid data regarding the digital world, illustrating how individuals are presently consuming media and how emerging technologies are instigating new behaviors in media consumption. Shapiro began by emphasizing that the media economy has been transformed by the impact of new technologies, necessitating that the television industry reexamine its distribution, economics, and ecosystem. He focused on influential new players like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft who are influencing new methods of watching TV and video content, as well as engaging with audiences. Shapiro added that "most streaming content" goes through only two operating systems, while audience behavior and perceptions have transformed dramatically.


To survive the resulting changes, Shapiro maintains that the industry needs to "think differently," moving away from silo mentality and toward a community-based approach that collaborates rather than competes. One of Shapiro's most thought-provoking assertions is that, for the TV ecosystem to continue expanding and maintain stability, local TV with local production must also evolve and expand. Data indicates that when the streaming volume from European platforms like BBC Player, RaiPlay, Okko, Exxenm, My TF1, Rakuten, and ZDF is combined, they rank above Netflix (48%) and Amazon (34%) with 54%, nearly matching YouTube's streaming content (75%). This demonstrates the necessity of producing and continuously cultivating this content to guarantee a robust and healthy TV ecosystem.