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Charity / Foundation Qatar and Worldwide News
Celebrating Hope and Humanity: Better World Fund Gala Evening
By Contributor | |
Celebrating Hope and Humanity Better World Fund Gala Evening
A Night of Enchantment: The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses
By Contributor | |
The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses
The Together We Give Gala Dinner
By Contributor | |
The Together We Give Gala Dinner
BetterWorld Fund Event 2024 – Cannes Film Festival 2024
By Contributor | |
Immerse yourself in a world where artistic brilliance meets social conscience. The BetterWorld Fund Event 2024, held alongside the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, offers an unparalleled opportunity to be part of something remarkable. Imagine walking the red carpet with purpose, not just for a film premiere, but for a cause that empowers women globally. Mingle with like-minded individuals who share your passion for art and social justice. Witness captivating performances by world-renowned pianist Lang Lang and enchanting singer Joyce Jonathan. The BetterWorld Fund Event transcends the glamour of Cannes. It's a powerful testament to our unwavering commitment to promoting women's empowerment worldwide. Be inspired by the stories of exceptional women changemakers, and gain valuable insights from leading figures in art, philanthropy, and women's empowerment during an exclusive masterclass. Join us in Cannes for an unforgettable experience. Be a force for good in a more just and inclusive world. Learn more and register for the BetterWorld Fund Event 2024 today.
Elisabeth Moreno Inspiring Opening Speech at the Women Empowerment Masterclass
By Contributor | |
The Women Empowerment Masterclass, organized by the Better World Fund
Karine Gros: Advocating for Disability Awareness Through Animation
By Contributor | |
Karine Gros, the dedicated Project Manager for Disability, Employment, and
Lorene Ferrandes of Fairetsens.com Advocates for Unleashing the Power of Neurodivergent Minds: From Stigma to Strength
By Contributor | |
Lorene Ferrandes of Fairetsens.com Advocates for Unleashing the Power of
Corriere della Sera Celebrates the Better World Fund: Taormina in 2024
By Contributor | |
TAORMINA - In a detailed report by correspondent Valerio Cappelli,
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Insights from Solange Svivens’ Masterclass at BetterWorldFund 2023
By Contributor | |
In a captivating and inspiring masterclass at the BetterWorldFund 2023,
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