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Studiocanal CEO Anna Marsh believes in TV industry

Anna Marsh, CEO of Studiocanal, a French production company, has stated that the television industry is experiencing a slowdown after a period of rapid growth, leading her to believe that the TV bubble has burst. Marsh explained that greenlights for TV shows now take longer to obtain and some shows are struggling to get a second or third season. Despite these challenges, Studiocanal remains committed to television production. Marsh also discussed the film industry, stating that Studiocanal is at a crossroads following the difficult Covid-19 period. The company receives hundreds of scripts per year for both movies and TV shows.


Marsh sees an opportunity to expand Studiocanal's intellectual property (IP) across different areas, such as gaming, advertising, publishing, and music, using the resources of parent company Vivendi and Canal+. She cited the example of Paddington as a successful franchise and revealed that a third movie, Paddington Goes to Peru, will begin production in July. Marsh also announced that How to Stop Time, a TV series based on a Matt Haig novel and starring Benedict Cumberbatch, will begin production next year. Finally, Marsh confirmed that Studiocanal has invested in Strong Film & Television, the production company behind Vigil. Marsh was recently promoted to Deputy CEO of the Canal+ Group..