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Equestrian Triumph: Mohammad Khalifa Al Bakr Secures Victory in the Middle Round of Longines Hathab Championship

Equestrian Triumph: Mohammad Khalifa Al Bakr Secures Victory in the Middle Round of Longines Hathab Championship

Doha, October 20, 2023 – In a thrilling display of equestrian prowess, Mohammad Khalifa Al Bakr clinched the top spot in the middle round of the Longines Hathab Championship, part of the seventh edition of the Qatar Showjumping Tour. This prestigious event, organized by the Qatar Equestrian Federation in collaboration with Al Shaqab, witnessed an impressive gathering of talented riders.

The competition unfolded in the 130-135 cm category, featuring 16 riders, both male and female, who vied for substantial cash prizes. Mohammad Khalifa Al Bakr displayed remarkable skill and determination to seize the first position. Jaber Rashid Al Amiri claimed the second spot, with Ghanem Nasser Al Qadi securing the third.

On the team front, the "N K Cafe" team secured first place, closely followed by "Exxon Mobil" in second, and "Al Kass Channels" in third.

The action took place on the indoor arena at the Qatar Equestrian Federation, with a significant number of equestrians participating in the showjumping competitions. In the "Future Riders" category, which featured obstacles set at 60 cm for riders aged 6 to 12, Mohammad Abdullah Al Marri, Sheikh Khalifa bin Jua'an Al Thani, and Izaah Meer claimed the top three positions, respectively.

Moving up to the "Second Level Future Riders" category with obstacles set at 80 cm for riders aged 12 to 16, Khalid Jasim Al Suhaidi secured the first place, followed by Mariam Abdul Kareem Aabed in second place.

The "Small Round" category, set at 110-115 cm, witnessed another thrilling battle. Saed Hamad Jumaa, Ghanem Nasser Al Qadi, and Hamad Nasser Al Qadi emerged as the top three riders, demonstrating their exceptional skills in this challenging discipline.

The Longines Hathab Championship is proving to be a true showcase of equestrian excellence in Qatar, with riders of all ages and levels of experience coming together to compete in this exciting event. The federation's partnership with Al Shaqab continues to promote the growth and development of equestrian sports in the region, ensuring that Qatar remains a hub for equestrian talent and enthusiasm.