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Redefining Retail: MAPIC 2023 Award Winners Illuminate the Future

In a glittering ceremony at Cannes, the MAPIC 2023 Awards brought together luminaries and visionaries from the retail real estate sector to recognize and celebrate excellence, innovation, and creativity. The event, held on November 29, 2023, cast a spotlight on thirteen core categories, applauding groundbreaking projects that are reshaping the industry landscape.

The MAPIC Awards this year became a beacon for those pushing the boundaries of what retail can achieve. The evening emphasized not just the present accomplishments but the promise of a future where retail is not just a transaction but an experience.

This year's theme, "The Age of Responsible Growth: Committing to a Better Future," echoed throughout the ceremony, emphasizing a collective commitment to sustainability, transparency, and inclusivity. The awardees embodied this ethos, showcasing how responsible growth is not just a catchphrase but a guiding principle.

The winners of the MAPIC Awards 2023 are:

Retail Concept of the Year: Rituals Food & Beverage Concept of the Year: Doppio Malto Leisure Concept of the Year: Koezio & Lucky Folks Best New Retail Concept: Circuit Best Retail Omnichannel Strategy: Hugo Boss Omnichannel Strategy Best Sustainable Initiative – Retail Brands: Automation for HVAC in Decathlon with Eficia Best Sustainable Initiative - Property Players: Livat One Planet Best Refurbishment & Redevelopment Project: NorthShopping – The Cookbook & Galleria Best Food Hall & Food Court Project: Halles d'Issy Biltoki Best New Development Project: Galataport Istanbul Best Urban Regeneration Project: Battersea Power Station Best Retail Innovation Solution: LaStationColis Best Design Store by French Designers: Magasin E.Leclerc by Saguez & Partners

As these projects and personalities take center stage, they not only redefine retail excellence but also inspire the industry to aim higher and contribute to a future marked by responsible and visionary growth.