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YouTube has unveiled a special initiative for its prominent video and podcast series

YouTube has unveiled a special initiative for its prominent video and podcast series, Hekayat YouTube, Play it Forward with YouTube in English, with a distinct focus on addressing the concerns and interests of Saudi youth in the MENA region.

Comprising five episodes, this series is designed to create a dedicated platform for dialogue, bringing together influential Saudi YouTube content creators, public figures, and decision-makers to delve into pertinent topics affecting the youth in Saudi Arabia.

Tarek Amin, YouTube's director in MENA, emphasized that the vibrant creator community in the Kingdom has established communities around issues that matter to them and their audience. The Hekayat YouTube platform is strategically utilized to facilitate engagement between creators and decision-makers, allowing them to share their experiences on a global scale.

Scheduled to feature an array of Saudi creators spanning lifestyle, health, technology, and investment, notable figures include Beeko, Faisal Alsaif, Sukkari Life, and Faris Alturki. Collaborating with guests from both public and private sectors in the Kingdom, such as Raied Aljadaany of the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence, Noura Alyusuf of the Quality of Life Program, Kaswara Al-Khatib from the creator economy sector, and Haya Sawan from the sports industry, the program will delve into critical themes including the future of jobs and artificial intelligence, wellbeing and quality of life, the creator economy, and sports.

Launching on January 31, the series will release new episodes weekly, accessible on YouTube Arabia, the creators' channels, as well as major podcast platforms including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anghami, and Deezer. This initiative underscores YouTube's commitment to providing a diverse and informative platform for Saudi youth, showcasing their perspectives and fostering meaningful conversations with decision-makers.