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LMRA Conducts Inspection Campaigns in Capital and Southern Governorates

LMRA Conducts Inspection Campaigns in Capital and Southern Governorates

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) recently carried out two collaborative inspection campaigns within the Capital Governorate and the Southern Governorate, targeting various shops and work sites.

These campaigns successfully uncovered numerous violations related to labor market and residency laws, leading to subsequent legal actions against the offenders.

The LMRA highlighted that one of the inspection campaigns took place in the Capital Governorate in cooperation with the Sentence Enforcement Department. Simultaneously, the other campaign occurred in the Southern Governorate, in collaboration with the Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs (NPRA), as well as the respective Police Directorate of the Governorate.

The LMRA reiterated its call to all members of society to support the endeavors of government agencies in tackling unlawful labor practices. They can do so by reporting violations through the electronic form available on the authority's website or by reaching out to the authority's call center.