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Kodi the Dog Receives Palm Dog 2024 for ‘The Dog’s Trial’ Performance
Kodi the Dog Receives Palm Dog 2024 for 'The Dog's Trial' Performance

In a touching tribute to canine talent, Kodi the dog has been honored with the Palm Dog 2024 for his role in "The Dog's Trial," a captivating film directed by Laetitia Dosch. Produced by Bande à part Films, this French-Swiss collaboration explores the bond between humans and their faithful companions in the setting of a legal drama.

"The Dog's Trial" follows the story of Avril, portrayed by Laetitia Dosch, a determined lawyer who takes on the case of defending Cosmos, a loyal companion accused of a crime. With a stellar cast including François Damiens, Anne Dorval, Jean-Pascal Zadi, Mathieu Demy, and Pierre Deladonchamps, the film delivers compelling performances and thought-provoking storytelling.

Directed by Dosch and co-written with Anne-Sophie Bailly, "The Dog's Trial" delves into themes of justice, loyalty, and the unconditional love between humans and animals. Kodi's portrayal of Cosmos brings heart and authenticity to the narrative, earning him the esteemed Palm Dog 2024 award.

As "The Dog's Trial" continues to resonate with audiences, Kodi's award-winning performance serves as a testament to the power of canine actors in cinema.