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Qatar Hosts Global Workshop on Public Health Skills in Humanitarian Emergencies

Qatar Hosts Global Workshop on Public Health Skills in Humanitarian Emergencies

Doha, October 21 - Qatar recently played host to a global training workshop on "Public Health Skills for Humanitarian Emergencies in the Eastern Mediterranean Region." This workshop saw the participation of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The first phase of the workshop comprised various recorded instructional modules, aimed at establishing a shared understanding of public health issues in humanitarian emergencies. These modules covered topics such as chronic disease management, non-communicable diseases, nutrition, food security, epidemiology and surveillance, environmental health, and international humanitarian laws, among others.

The challenges faced by affected individuals, whether natural or conflict-related, were reviewed, along with the role of humanitarian interventions in mitigating the impact of disasters. Additionally, participants underwent an assessment to gauge their comprehension of the theoretical knowledge acquired in preparation for the second phase of the training.

The second phase of the workshop emphasized hands-on participant engagement, helping them translate knowledge gained from theoretical training sessions in the first phase into practical training skills. This practical training primarily consisted of case studies and scenarios, which elucidated most of the public health challenges in humanitarian emergencies and how to prepare for and respond to them.

Dr. Soha Al-Bayat, Director of the Health Emergency Department at the Ministry of Public Health, stated that this training workshop is among the finest globally. It aims to develop essential skills in public health that have practical utility in humanitarian emergencies. The workshop also provided a comprehensive overview of critical topics pertinent to the World Health Organization and public health professionals.

She explained that this training workshop underscores the importance of equipping local healthcare professionals with skills in public health and international humanitarian laws to protect communities in humanitarian emergencies. The role that public health professionals play in humanitarian crises is pivotal, focusing on providing the essentials to those affected and thus reducing the scope of disaster.

Moreover, this training further enhances Qatar's leading role as an active and responsible member of the international community. It contributes to humanitarian aid for those affected by disasters and humanitarian crises and supports development to strengthen peace and stability in affected countries across the world in response to various humanitarian disasters.