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Elena López Riera’s ‘Southern Brides’ Claims Best Short Film Award at Queer Palm 2024
Elena López Riera's 'Southern Brides' Claims Best Short Film Award at Queer Palm 2024

A stirring portrayal of love, tradition, and resilience, Elena López Riera's "Southern Brides" has been honored with the Best Short Film award at the Queer Palm 2024. Produced by Alina Film in collaboration with filmmakers from Switzerland and Spain, this documentary offers a poignant exploration of marriage and sexuality.

Directed and written by Elena López Riera, "Southern Brides" invites viewers into the lives of middle-aged women as they reflect on their experiences with matrimony and personal identity. Through intimate interviews and evocative imagery, the film challenges societal norms surrounding marriage and celebrates the strength of individual agency.

With cinematography by Elena López Riera and Alba Cros, "Southern Brides" captures the essence of a generation grappling with tradition and modernity. From tales of premarital chastity to the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, the documentary offers a multifaceted portrait of womanhood and resilience.

Produced by Eugénia Mumenthaler and David Epiney, "Southern Brides" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and empathy. As the recipient of the Queer Palm for Best Short Film, the documentary shines a light on the diverse narratives that shape our collective understanding of love and identity.